Howell Advantage

Howell Advantage

Our goal is to create a 'Wow!' factor for each customer with a comprehensive project scope, professional and skilled staff, and a clear timeline to success. We measure our success through client satisfaction.

We at Howell™ have created highest customer-responsive culture. We are service-oriented trusted people. Our people have appropriate skills and the willingness to go beyond the constraints of their job description  to do what is necessary, to do what is required and win customer loyalty.

We have developed our culture to meet high ethical standards, high customer expectation and attaching same importance to the means as well as to outcomes of business.Our managers are supported and encouraged to take risks while maintaining our core ethical values. 

We offer following USP and guarantees to our customers


Our USP’s

  1. Own team from Design, Installation, Commissioning & after sales support
  2. One window product & solution for entire LV systems. 
  3. A product portfolio of more than 2.5 lac products
  4. One Window service for entire project execution
  5. Clear communication and commitment
  6. Proven track record of on time delivery
  7. Reliability & Dependability
  8. Strong Process Engine (Custom Build ERP) with high level of bench marks. High degree of process to match your repeated expectation /step by step clear-cut flowcharts and MIS
  9. Competitive price


2. Differentiators

  • Technical Knowhow
  • Value for Money
  • Proven track record
  • Wide spectrum of services
  • Flexible business model
  • Continuous Technology Adaptation and Innovation
  • Business Commitment & Right People
  • Product Range 
  • Technologically Advance solutions & Products
  • Competitive
  • High Degree of Flexibility
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility
  • Extended Warranties (Sales & Services Both)



If you are not satisfied by above, read following and call us:

We will refund you entire money in three months if we fail to meet our promises and commitment or system fail to operate as designed.

In-depth understanding, years of experience gathered to design Solutions for you ----Get the leverage